Classic Summer | San Diego Beach Photographer

I have been photographing these lovely ladies for years and each year we do something a little different. Parking and crowds can be tricky at the beach during the summer months but nothing was going to stop us from getting that sunset and pier shot.

It is always an adventure and this session proved to be the same. I had a blast photographing your ladies on the beach in sunny, crowded San Diego.

All images were shot in San Diego by beach photographer, Renee Hindman

6 Month Baby Photos | San Diego baby photographer

I am a little late in posting my niece’s six month old photos. But here is sweet baby Piper. She has grown a bit since her newborn photo shoot. Have a little peek. She is a real blessing in our family. My daughter’s just adore her. My favorite image is of the doll bed. It was grandmas doll crib when she was a child. It is one of my favorite props and especially sentimental when a grandchild uses it.
San Diego Baby photographer

All photos were taken in San Diego by San Diego Baby photographer, Renee Hindman.

Cake Smash | San Diego Baby Photographer

One year old baby photos are always a big deal. It is the finality of the baby’s first year and the beginning of toddlerhood. It is fun to celebrate by smashing a cake and making a big mess and serves as a preview of what is to come. To have a dog that wants to participate is just icing on that cake.

All Photographs were taken in San Diego by baby photographer, Renee Hindman

July 27, 2015 - 11:17 am

Jack Levinson - Spectacular work!!!

June 4, 2015 - 11:14 am

sue - how precious. i think these reflect the real spirit of the child. not too much, not too little. just the joy of being a kid who is cherished and adored…
great job!

A smiling horse | rancho santa fe child photographer

Who does not love a smiling horse? I could not believe the teeth as I was editing… perfection. The Salas family was one of my first clients after I left the classroom and took on my San Diego children’s photography career. We have been together ever since and it is with a heavy heart that we must say some temporary goodbyes. They are off to DC where adventure awaits them. You will missed!

All photos were taken in Rancho Santa Fe by child photographer, Renee Hindman